Why is aronia juice so tasty?

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Have you heard that one of the most protected information in the world (next to atomic codes) is … food recipes? The mysterious way of preparing KFC breading, Big Mac sauce or Coca-Cola recipe – will never be known to public. However, we decided to reveal the secret and share with you our way of making a great Aronia JUICE!

Why is aroniaberry juice so tasty and of such great quality?

The story of the juice starts from the FRUIT.

All aroniaberry products are made from fruits that come from organic farms. This is very important because it ensures that the fruit is of the highest quality. This is also ensured by the organic farming certificate. Thanks to the fact that we look after the crops ourselves, we know when the optimal time is to harvest them – when the fruits are the most ripe, and therefore the tastiest. The farm is also watered regularly, thanks to which the fruit is juicy, full of vitamins and sweet.

We put as much work into growing aronia as we put our love.

Once the fruit is harvested, it goes to the production plant. However, the juice is not pressed from it immediately. First, the fruit is frozen. This is because one of the ingredients of aroniaberry is the so-called tannin. In short, it is a substance that is designed to protect the plant from external pests, but its presence results in a bitter taste of the fruit, as well as the fact that it can irritate the stomach and cause nausea. During the freezing process, the tannin breaks down, thanks to which the juice has a very high content of nutritional values ​​- polyphenols and anthocyanins and does not irritate the stomach and is simply … tasty. It is not as sour as other juices produced from fresh aronia berries.

Once the fruit is ready for pressing, it is transported to the plant in which we use only modern technology. Thanks to the use of the latest production technology, the juice is of a very high quality and does not lose color or taste. All the ingredients contained in the fruit are preserved.

The juice is pasteurized – it takes only about 30 seconds and then the juice is immediately cooled down, so that its nutritional value is preserved.

It should also be added that the products are regularly tested at every stage of production, from the control of the plantation in terms of compliance with organic farming conditions – ending with the testing of the finished product in laboratory. We are sure that we offer you only the best, certified and tested products – organic aroniaberry fruit and organic aronia juice.